Laminated Kitchen
There is a wide range of laminate kitchen cabinets available and they are affordable, easy to clean and are scratch and stain-resistant. They are also extremely durable.

Polymer Kitchen
Polymers are an evolution of the laminate. Practical to use and maintain, resistant to scratches and shock, easy to clean.

Crystal Glass
Glass is used in kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is more break-proof, scratch-resistant, light-weight than real glass and also offers excellent processing flexibility.

Lacquer Glass
Lacquered glass is a beautiful, and decorative material that will add a special feel to your home or workplace. It’s highly sustainable and helps to maintain clean environmental surroundings.

Acrylic Kitchen
Acrylic kitchens are becoming the popular choice for the kitchen, especially in European style, thanks to the clean, modern look of the design and the perfect symmetry of the appearance.